Synergy Management Club, an association of students, was founded in August 2016. Synergy Management Club of Department of Management Studies focuses on helping students gain expertise in solving real time business complexities through industry driven technical and life skill development programs.

The agenda, theme and mission are the same as the word Synergy, reflecting integrity, interactions and combined efforts of various stakeholders of DOMS. The main objective is to impart managerial skills. This is completely oriented towards up skilling the students with industry requirements so as to prepare them for their professional career.

Synergy Club vibrantly organises workshops and management events for the students, acting as a platform to bring out the budding talents, motivate and encourage them to push beyond their abilities towards becoming future managers.


About University of Madras

 The University of Madras is entering 164th year of its establishment in 2020-21. University of Madras, organized on the model of London University, was incorporated on 5th September, 1857 and is the mother of almost all the Universities of Southern India. The University has been growing from strength to strength while widening its teaching and research activities. The University Departments are spread over four campuses organized into various schools, each of which offers Post Graduate Courses in respective specialization, part time and full time Ph.D. Programmes. Based on its academic achievements; the University of Madras has been accredited at the ‘A’ Grade Level by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) and the UGC has recognised the University as one of the centres for “Potential for Excellence” in the country.

About Department of Management Studies

 The Department of Management Studies (DOMS) is one of India’s oldest and the most prestigious B-Schools established as early as 1955. The education at DOMS provides conceptual and practical knowledge to its students, enhancing their capacity to resolve diverse problems and making them effective decision makers. In addition to its flagship Master of Business Administration, DOMS also offers executive MBA and doctoral program to foster research.