Synergy Meet 2K23 Event Guidelines

Register for Synergy Meet 2K23 Here

Onsite Event Date - 26.10.23
Online Event Date - 22.10.23
Last date for online events(Registration & submission) - 22.10.23 (till 10.00 am)

1. Registration fee Rs.200 per head – Online Registration (Except Online Events-Check Rule 20)
2. Registration fee Rs.250 per head – Spot Registration (8 AM to 9 AM)
3. Registration will be on first come first serve basis. Once registered students can participate in any number of events at no additional cost.
4. Spot registration is allowed but Online registration will be given first preference.
5. Participants will be provided with Lunch, Refreshments and welcome kit.
6. Participation certificate will be provided.
7. No restriction on number of students from the same college.
8. We have a battle for trophy.
9. The organizing committee will not be in a position to help if there is a clash of one or more events.
10. Judge’s decision will be final and binding.
11. ID card is mandatory. Students must carry their ID cards at all times and produce it when asked to do so. The entry is restricted to college students only.
12. Vulgarity of any sort will lead to immediate disqualification.
13. Students must adhere to a modest dress code.
14. The participants must stick to their time limit. Exceeding the time limit will lead to reduction of points.
15. Decorum must be maintained throughout the day.
16. Participants should keep their belonging safe ,Committee won’t be responsible for your belongings.
17. Set up time cannot be utilized for performance for any event.
18. The organizers reserve the right to change the rules and regulations without prior notice.
19. Smoking and consumption of alcohol in the campus is strictly prohibited. The Management reserves the rights to expel any student found under the influence of alcohol or drugs inside the campus.

20. For Online Events, Registration fee Rs.50 per head. Last date for registration of online events – 20.10.23.

Event List with Rules